Saturday, 26 October 2013

Do Not Speak About Absent

You are out for a dinner in a group. The dinner is going on and suddenly someone in your group gets a call from home and he has to leave dinner party in between. Knowing that the person has left , someone from your group starts talking bad about him. You also join the league , after all its human tendency , you don't want to miss the fun behind gossips and back biting.

Then suddenly , you also got the call from your wife and you have to leave the party. What will you think - Will you be able to trust the group that they will not speak bad about you once you are gone.

Trust among each other is at stake once you are indulged in such gossips and back biting. In corporate world, most of such talks are about the Boss and the organization. People find common interest and lot of matter to speak when the object is boss. They tend to forget that someday they will also be sitting on the same chair. 

Capability of backbiting is given to you by birth , But think, is it really required to prove your ability to exercise this capability?

Tattle is a common problem in real life and it stops you from trusting others and you also loose trust of others.Is it so hard to stop ourselves from indulging in such gossips? Try yourself and if someone else doesn't exercise it, stop him as well.

In day-to-day life , have you seen a group of females who tend to criticize some one absent from the group, be it mother-in-law , daughter-in-law , friend, or anyone else ?

Remember , someday your position will also change and then you will also be target of such petty gossips. Let's stop doing this nonsense. We have many things to talk about - Constructive and Progressive. I can suggest few things - talk about each other , know them better , talk processes and improvements, talk cricket, movie,food, shopping, malls, temples, cars,music,theater, real estate, insurance, banking, shares, economies, world geography,society, culture,jokes etc..There is a lot more to talk about other than the absent.

Take a look at this funny yet inspirational video :

Don't backbite - from Islam

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