Saturday, 26 October 2013

I M Possible

Nothing is Impossible in this world. Even the word Impossible says I am Possible. Something looks Impossible to you because you didn't get chance to do it till now and this is your first time you are doing it. If you can't do it , probably no one can do it in the world. Then why should you worry ? Why not attempt it with your best?

Give it a try with full honesty , do your Karma with the grace of god , the results will definitely follow. What if you never gave a try to drive bicycle ? Did you know riding it since you were born ? Wasn't that impossible for you in those early days ? There would be several things that you learnt from the life over a period of time and experience. All those things that were impossible at certain time, are being now exercised by you regularly.Think about it , what would have your world today if you wouldn't have given a try that time. We wouldn't have been watching live telecast of indo-pak cricket match if those engineers would have bowed down. You are using smart phones, microwave,HD Tv , DTH , a long list. Look at the success of AAP today, wasn't it looked impossible few months ago ?

If you have courage to do it , you will succeed. The world impossible comes only in cowards dictionary , the braves use a different word - Opportunity.

Exercise it in your daily habit and feel the positive energy in your blood. Friends , let's take this resolution in the new year - Yes , Its possible.

A very happy new year to you all !!

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