Tuesday, 29 October 2013

I Am A Champion

You joined an organisation newly. Few of your colleagues  helped you in settling down easily. You started joining them over tea breaks. Slowly, they started telling you the fabricated stories (mixed with chatpata masala) about the organization , started creating fear about your boss who is bad in their eyes by telling some framed stories , the losses the company is making, the vampire nature of other colleagues, projecting one of your colleague to be the master of everything etc etc... Over a period of time you kept listening to them and gosh... you started feeling - "Oh man where the hell I am trapped , I am sorry my previous organization - please call me back".  

 Can you relate yourself with the above story ? Does similar thing happened with you in your family as well? Did you face similar situation while you were a student , Your seniors posed themselves highly frustrated person in front of you and you got upset ? 

There is a lot of negativity around the world. World is full of frustrated and pessimistic people. Since they are in abundance, they don't want a positive man to come over. They would always try to frustrate you , induce negative thoughts in you .Their goal is to obstruct your growth since they are jealous about your personality , skills and traits.These people often come in your life as your well wishers, they pose themselves to be your best friend and slowly but steadily they keep injecting poison of negative thoughts in you. 

Since you were not basically a bad man , you get upset of these talks.You came in with lots of positive energy and with a zeal to bring positive change , now you find yourself in a big dark hole with no sign of light. Slowly you get adjusted in the environment and you also start enjoying spreading those negative vibes that you got in from others , after all If I can't do it, I will never let anyone else do it" right ? 

The grape wine communication mixes some "Masala"  to the negative vibes turning them to be disastrous for yourself and for the organization or family.  

Beware of such people , they are all around. Keeping yourself away from them is the best way to deal with them. Let them maintain their own thoughts and you maintain yours. You are a champion, say it aloud , I am a champion , I will never let myself down. My dictionary doesn't understand back biting. I know only crushing the fools and owls. I am full of positive energy. God has chosen me to spread the light among those poor people. I am a champion.

Watch the below video clip - the best ever motivational speech. 

Have a great Life you champion !!

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  1. I can remember popular dialogue of movie 3 idiots.... All Izz Well. It really creates positive wipes and built self confidence in you.