Monday, 4 November 2013

Respect Who You Are.

"I don't have the ability to do it. I haven't worked on it, I am not experienced enough to take up this task.My colleague is more smart and skillful than me , they have several degree and certifications , I am poor , I come from a village background, the other lady is more beautiful than me, bla bla bla ...".Do you feel intimidated ?  When you speak , your voice goes very low, you hesitate in making eye contact with your audience, you try to keep yourself shut as much as possible, you have a fear in speaking since you feel that your voice will not be heard and you may be making mistakes in your speech ...". If you are one of them , this article is for you. 

Most of the people feel intimidated because they are habitual to celebrate others. They have been brought up in the society where they have lost self esteem and confidence. From the very beginning  they are hearing that Other person is Better than them. From the school days , they started hearing that the other boy is getting more marks , they are not, the other comes from a rich family, they are not, The other is influential , they are not , and so on..

Do you think queen of England is most beautiful ? Is she most Rich ? Is she most intellectual in the world or is she most influential in the world ? Neither she is Miss worlds , not she is Bill gates. She is neither a noble winner scientist nor Barack Obama. But she knows what she is. What if she would have come to the ceremony where she has all the great people as her guests and she feels intimidated talking in low voice, keeping her head down, avoiding eye contacts, hesitating in shaking hand ! What will be the image of England ? Does she do that - NO. She knows, she represents the nation, she has been given the honor to do so. The same way, you have been given the honor by the almighty god to do what you are doing. If you fail to do so , will you be able to justify your act to the god? Feel the greatness of your work that you do , never loose self-confidence and self-esteem.

"Fear to fail" is what you have to kick away from your life.if a person does not make mistake, either he is not doing anything or he is a god. Each invention is a baby of a series of failure, an example is the PSLV.

Love yourself, be proud of who you are, be confident, step out of your comfort
zone ... and you will see miracles happening.Don't downplay your ability ,don't underestimate your self. Keep your head high. If you don't have confidence in yourself, how will others have it on you? Don't be intimidated, Sell yourself high, Let the others know that you have enormous amount of potential.You are the god's creation. You have specific specialties that other's don't. Feel like a king and live a big life , You will certainly become what you pretend to be.

Look at the below video how he explains the importance of self confidence  - Its up to you,  Be what you want to be.

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