Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Right First Time

Why people don't do right thing when they are exposed to a problem very first time (It doesn't apply to all but yes a good number of people fall in this category , so beware of such people ) -  I did a survey in one of my previous organizations , and the responses I got are listed below:

1) Boss will not understand the pain I went through since everything was done right first time.
2) Boss may think that this was easy to do so I will miss appreciation.
3) Boss may give more work to me if I do everything right , its a penalty for me.
4) Let the things go wrong first time, let them escalate and become critical, then I will jump in , solve it and become hero. I and my friend do it for each other.

In my survey , I found very few people responding positively that if they do things right first time,  they will be called more efficient , trustworthy and valuable to the organisation, though they also complained about missing appreciation. 

Right First Time is attitude ,Its Commitment,  Its Prevention , Preventing Misunderstanding, Preventing non adherence of process , Preventing opportunities of error etc.

Now think about the below scenarios:

a. What if we got our salary credited as 5000/- while it should be 50000/-. (A minor mistake of omission of one zero). [ After all accountant also thought of coming in limelight ] 
b. Would we expect a hospital to deviate and inject wrong medicines to our family members? [ Doctors also have all rights to deny Right First Time ]
c. Would we expect a car mechanic to come every time we have to fill petrol in our car? 

Moral - Get rid of double standards , Do the things Right , right first time. 

Enjoy the below short video from you tube on the subject. Mobile Users CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO.

Now, you are aware what you are doing !!

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