Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Suns Moons and Stars

Have you  been part of those Boring Business Meetings where half of the people don't speak , probably they are not even listening or they are not interested ,speaker failed to create interest in them , they are kind of sleeping. They don't even bother what decision is being made and how will it impact them, they are always in acceptance mode - " I am not interested in your diplomatic logic, just let me know what needs to be done , I will do it".They may have better ideas , suggestions but most of the SUN ( who speaks a lot in the meetings) and MOONS ( ready to capture speaking slots left behind by SUN's) in the meeting already hijacked the meeting and consumed all the time.

A conscious effort to engage the STARS (who generally keeps mum during meetings) actively is a must, my experience is that such people have great ideas , they are shut just because they are not getting chance from the so called Suns and Moons. Ask them - " Mr X , What do you think about this proposal ? What would you suggest ? ". After all , you will loose a person from the discussion if you failed to create interest in the audience , Its all your choice , always keep some magical words floating all around. I have seen people saying after meetings - Oh he doesn't take interest in the meetings, he is generally slept in meetings, he doesn't participate in meetings. I would say, instead of talking in absence, they could have encouraged the person to come up with their thoughts in the meeting it self. So whenever you are hosting a meeting, keep the SUN,MOON and STARS theory in mind.

Take a look at this you tube video that tells 6 secrets of organizing effective meetings.

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