Thursday, 28 November 2013

Perception & Prejudice

Perception is individualistic by nature. When one doesn't know others, one makes a fictitious image based on the produced and gathered information from various sources, one doesn't really know how authentic those information are, still its human nature to associate a face with the words. You may have got chance to meet a person and the way the person behaved under that time's prevailing circumstances, you typecast him or her either good or bad ,  Later , you realized that it was too early to form a perception about him or her. Sometimes, people become so judgmental that they start giving their verdict on the person knowingly or unknowingly framing the target according to their convenience. Static perception also generates prejudice and a resident fear about each other that becomes a big hindrance in amalgamation.

Let's take an example from our day to day life then we will generalize it for a corporate team - Consider a family where a daughter-in-law does complain about her mother-in-law and vice versa. Each of them generally have framed the other in a specific way and that perception never goes away , despite the circumstances would have changed well. Both of them probably spend hardly one week together in a year , very less chance to know each other, but they generally become judgmental with their limited knowledge and know-how about each other , produce verdicts and start predicting other's behavior in a given situation (prejudice). The resident fear inside them build's wall between them that continues to grow.

In corporate world, the main problem in building a good team is the resident static perception about each other , prejudice and being judgmental about others. Personality is largely determined by the person's history ,past life ,  family background , education , aspirations and social ecology.Once you know these details , you can easily co-relate the behavior of the person and also predict the person's behavior in different circumstances.This is the reason why corporate worlds are full of liquid party nights. My personal experience is that if you spent quality time in knowing each other better in these party, have lunch together in the office premise, have coffee break together , you start building good personal relationships with your colleagues, it ultimately helps a lot in the professional career.

We all are Human beings and by property we all have multiple disorder within us like hatred , Jealousy ,  sorrow, anger  etc. These disorders also play very important role when we form a perception and become judgmental . Let's be aware of it and control ourselves, Let's understand the change dynamics - only change is constant with time. Let us be more careful before forming a perception and let there be room to accept change resulting in a dynamic rolling perception. Let us give another chance to ourselves to start the next inning afresh without any prejudice. Let us promise with our soul to become a good human , a good life will automatically follow.

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